Anystis baccarum (Mite sp.)


Anystis baccarum is a beneficial predatory mite that feeds on other mites and small insects that are a pest for especially fruit trees.
Anystis baccarum is one of the few mite species that are really seen regularly.
They are barely visible to the naked eye.
Anystis baccarum is found almost everywhere, including in gardens and parks.
Many types of mites are red and very difficult to identify.
Fortunately, that does not apply to Anystis baccarum.
It is a giant, at least in the world of mites.
It grows to 1 to 1.5 mm in length, while all other red varieties remain under 1 mm.

When you see one, you always look at a female, because we don't know male animals.
The females reproduce asexually (parthenogenesis).
You can see them almost all year round, but there is a clear peak in the spring and early summer.

In my yard, Hilversum, The Netherlands, 16 June 2021

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