Many-lined Sun Skink


The Many-lined Sun Skink (Eutropis multifasciata) looks like a lizard of the family Lacertidae (sometimes called true lizards), but like most species of skinks it has no pronounced neck and relatively small legs.
It is native throughout many Asian countries. 
The colour of the flanks can vary from olive-brown to reddish-orange.
The throat colour can vary from white to yellow.
Being non-venomous and diurnal in nature, it is an active animal and feeds mainly on insects and gives birth to live young.

1st & 2nd photo: Pasir Ris Park, Singapore, 24 October 2022
3rd & 4th photo: Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore, 7 November 2022
5th photo: Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Singapore, 8 November 2022

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