Oriental Garden Lizard


The Oriental Garden Lizard (Calotes versicolor) is sometimes also called the Changeable Lizard due to the many variable colour variations.
The coloration is sometimes uniform brownish or greyish-olive or yellowish.
It generally has broad brown bands across the back, interrupted by a yellowish lateral band.
Black streaks run from the eye, and some of them are continued over the throat.
The belly has frequently greyish longitudinal stripes.
The Oriental Garden Lizard is an insectivore and the male gets a bright red throat in the breeding season.

1st & 2nd photo: Tub Kaek Beach area, Krabi, Thailand, 2 February 2013
3rd photo: Klong Muang beach area, Krabi, Thailand, 20 January 2013
4th & 5th photo: Koh Samet, Thailand, 17 December 2009

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