Plain Tiger


The Plain Tiger, also known as the African Monarch, is a medium-sized (wingspan of 7–8 cm) butterfly widespread in Asia and Africa.
The male Plain Tiger is smaller than the female, but more brightly coloured.
There are three subspecies:
1. Danaus chrysippus chrysippus (Asia, Mediterranean region, northern tropical Africa);
2. Danaus chrysippus alcippus (Cape Verde Islands through tropical Africa to Yemen and Oman). This subspecies is browner with broader white forewing spots;
3. Danaus chrysippus orientis (Saint Helena, southern tropical Africa to South Africa, Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles and Mascarenes. This subspecies has small white forewing spots.

This is Danaus chrysippus chrysippus.

Top & Left: Kuta area, Bali, Indonesia, 11 October 2011
Middle & Right: Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia, 23 October 2011

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