Scarce Footman


The Scarce Footman (Eilema complana) is quite similar to the Common Footman (Eilema lurideola), the Buff Footman (Eilema depressa) and the Dingy Footman (Eilema griseola).
Eilema complana can be distinguished by not having a grey spot on its collar (behind the eyes, like in Eilema lurideola), having yellow legs and not dark legs (like in Eilema depressa) and not having wide, oval shape wings (like in Eilema griseola).
In addition, Eilema complana can be distinguished by its much narrower, tubular shape whereas both the other Eilema species have a much more flatter appearance.

Caught in my self made moth trap.

In my yard, Hilversum, The Netherlands, 26 July 2019

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