Colombia - June 2015

From 21-30 June 2015, I returned to Colombia after visiting in October 2014.

But this time I travelled to the town of Manizales, near the vulcano Nevado del Ruiz, in the central mountain range of the Andes.
Using a friends house in Manizales the first week as a home base, it was easy to visit the best birding spots in the area, including Rio Blanco Nature Reserve, Recinto del Pensamiento, El Zancudo Reserve, the paramo habitat of Los Nevados National Park, the gardens of hotel Termales del Ruiz and the agricultural lowlands west of Manizales.

The last two days were spent in the wonderful Tatama National Park.
And what an incredible birding trip it was!
Over 250 different species of birds, including 41 different species of hummingbirds!